Troop 99 Rochester, MN

Christmas Holiday Wreaths and Decorations!

Thank you for visiting Troop 99’s Christmas Holiday Wreaths and Decorations fundraising page.

We’re glad you found us.  Below are quality handmade wreaths and decorations being sold to help fund Boy Scout Troop 99 and its scouts.

**Only for NW Rochester, MN residents**

Please email Troop 99 first if you live outside NW Rochester and want to place an order.

Contact Troop 99 at if you have any questions.

Pay via Paypal account or credit card.  A $2.00 fee is added to the total cost at checkout to help with fees.

Scouts will deliver your items the week of Thanksgiving.


Balsam Christmas Wreath

This wreath is made from fresh, fragrant and long lasting Northern Balsam Fir. Decorations include 3 white tipped pine cones with 4 red holly berries per cone for wreaths from 18 to 30 inches. Larger wreaths from 36 to 84 inches have 5 larger cones and holly berries.









Holiday Centerpiece - $35.00

Crafted from several varieties of lush and fragrant Minnesota evergreens, our wicker basket is filled by skilled designers to provide a long-lasting decoration for indoor use. Balsam fir, pine and cedar are intermingled for a luxurious addition to anyone’s Holiday décor.

Neatly packaged in a specially designed box to insure safe arrival — about 13 inches tall.

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Door Swag - $20.00

Perfect “Season’s Greetings” on your door.  Mixed balsam first and pine.  About 24 inches long, with 2 white tipped pine cones and red waterproof bow.

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Evergreen Garlands

Create your own design using this garland.  Hang around your door, window or light pole.

Diameter of garland is 10 to 12 inches and 25 and 50 foot coils.





Mail Box Swag - $30.00

The Mail Box Swag is about 36 inches long and made from balsam firs.  Comes with two white-tipped pine cones and red holly berries.  Also included is a red velvet waterproof multi-loop bow.

Comes with assembly instructions.

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Holiday Cross - $40.00

This 44 inch tall decoration is assembled sturdy metal frame utilizing the finest and freshest balsam fir boughs. Decorations include white-tipped pine cones and red velvet waterproof bow that comes unattached.

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Christmas Cane - $40.00

This charming decoration is designed to be chosen as an alternative to our natural evergreen wreaths or swags as a door or home decoration.

Framed using fresh and fragrant balsam fir, our cane is decorated with a beautiful red velvet waterproof bow.

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Holiday Evergreen Ball - $40.00

Constructed of balsam fir that measures 11 inches in diameter.  This hanging decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Decorations consist of 8 small white-tipped pine cones with red berries and topped with a red velvet bow.

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Diamond Swag - $40.00

This swag measures 25-27 inches long and crafted from balsam fir with accents of white pine, cedar, and berried juniper.  Decorations include 6-loop bow, cluster of 3 natural cones with burgundy eucalyptus.

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25” Itasca Wreath - $35.00

This wreath comes decorated with red apples, three clusters of white-tipped pine cones and an elegant multi-loop bow on a lush balsam first and white cedar base.

25” Voyageur Wreath - $35.00

This wreaths includes red apples, natural pine cones with berries and a beautiful hand-crafted red and gold multi-loop bow on a balsam fir and white cedar base.

Spruce Tops - $35.00

2-3 foot spruce tops are bundled in groups of 10 tops and tied with high strength twine.  Tops can be used to fill planters or pots that adds a festive touch.

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25” Lake Superior Wreath - $35.00

This wreath is made of a balsam fir and white cedar base with berried juniper intermingled in the wreath. Decorations include natural ponderosa pine cones and an exquisite red and green multi-loop velvet bow.

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Lake Superior Swag - $30.00

Made of a balsam fir base and white cedar and berried juniper layered in. Decorations include a beautiful red and green multi-loop bow with a cluster of natural cones. This is a perfect accompaniment to the Lake Superior Wreath.

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