Troop 99 Rochester, MN

Trail to First Class

Troop 99’s Trail to First Class program is designed to provide guidance and direction to our first year Scouts until they have achieved the rank of First Class.  Our Troop Guide along with Trained Assistant Scoutmasters assigned to our new scout patrol will work to ensure that new Scouts perform the necessary requirements to achieve each of the ranks. Skills for these requirements will be taught during regular troop meetings, campouts, summer camp, service projects and other events. The goal of this program is to enable each New Scout to reach the rank of First Class within one year after their join date.

The skill teaching sessions are intended to help guide the scouts on their advancements. Our aim is to support new scouts in reaching First Class, as much as we can by providing training and fun to help them advance.

Troop 99’s Trail to First Class Lesson book is designed for the Troop Guide who is supported by the New Scout Patrol Assistant Scoutmasters.  It is expected that the EDGE method be taught whenever possible.  By being prepared, these lessons can be completed in 25 minutes - perfect for a Troop meeting!

26 lesson plans are included the lesson book, not including Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit.  Each lesson is broken down into:

A copy of this lesson book can be found on our Forms and Resources page.