Troop 99 Rochester, MN

Leadership Positions

Leading the way...

What does that mean?

Think about being a Cub Scout. You came to den meetings and did a lot of different and fun things. But who decided what to do and who planned the activities? The Den Leaders, right?

Sports teams are a lot of fun, too. But who decides who plays what position, who's on the starting lineup and when to substitute? The coach, right?

There is one thing that makes Scouting different from all other youth groups. Do you know what it is?

Well, it is not the uniform. Every soccer, basketball, and baseball team has a uniform.
It is not the fun activities. There are a lot of other things that are fun.
And it certainly isn't cleaning dirty pots and pans on a campout.!!

What makes Scouting special is that YOU make the decisions!

That's right! YOU run the troop. Baden-Powell made it very plain in Aids to Scoutmastership when he wrote,

“The best progress is made in those Troops where power and responsibility are really put into the hands of the Patrol Leaders.”

This is real decision making power. And not it's not just Patrol Leaders. All of the troop leadership positions have a hand in making the Troop run. As a troop leader you will:
Plan and run troop meetings,
Pick troop outings, where to camp, what to do,
Plan advancement opportunities for all troop members
Select High-Adventure programs
Determine troop policy
Help other Scouts along the trail to Eagle.

Sound cool? It really is! The adults are there to provide support but YOU will be making the decisions.

Because being a leader is more than just sewing on a patch we have put together job descriptions for the troop leadership positions.