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Improved Clinch Knot

This uni-knot is one of the best knots around withstanding sudden jerks better than other knots. Very strong and can be used in a number of applications although it is most commonly used for tying fishing line to terminal tackle.

The uni-knot works with both braided lines as well as monofilament fishing lines.

The knot can be tied directly to the hooks eye in the traditional manner or the knot can be tied as a loop. Instead of sliding the knot all the way to the eye simply slide it to the size loop desired. Then, gripping the loop just forward of the hook eye and pull firmly on the tag end when the loop is at the desired size. This locks the uni-knot around the standing line.

Uses: The Clinch knot provides one good method of securing fishing line to a hook, lure, or swivel. The "improved" version used here includes an extra tuck under the final turn. It is commonly used to fasten the leader to the fly. It is not recommended if you are using over 12lb test line.

Tying it: It is important to wind the loops as a neat spiral round the standing line. Hold the loops under your fingers as you wind the line on.

Advantages: The Improved Clinch knot is regarded as a fisherman's reliable standby. It is well worth the effort to make the extra final tuck as it improves your chances of holding a strong fish.